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Re: [registrars] Re: Domain Name Dispute Policy -- Next Steps

At 22:05 15-07-99 -0400, JIMBRAMSON@aol.com wrote:
>The draft policy you have seen has been a cooperative effort to meet that
>direction from ICANN.  You will notice that the proposed policy substantially
>reflects the WIPO report, putting responsibility for changes in the status of
>domain names in the hands of ADR authorities and the courts.  Additional
>points have been included in the policy to maximize voluntary adoption by the
>testbed and subsequent registrars.  Despite probable imperfections in the
>policy, a significant priority in this effort is the uniform adoption of a
>single policy by registrars.  If that does not occur, inconsistencies will
>surely be exploited and lead to problems even greater than the ones currently
>experienced by those who have had to rely on the NSI dispute policy.

Dear Jim:

Is the near final draft available yet?


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