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[registrars] Domain Name Dispute Policy -- Next Steps

 Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to provide feedback on the 
draft domain name dispute policy floated by register.com and AOL.  We have 
tried to incorporate as many of the suggestions as possible, many of which 
were very helpful, and a new draft will be circulated shortly.

 The draft policy attempts to remove the registrars from the details of 
dispute resolution by permitting complainants to choose among a selection of 
authorized, reputable administrative authorities to administer any proceeding 
concerning domain names.  Each administrative authority could then have its 
own set of rules for administering disputes.  Although it's appropriate for 
the registrars to avoid getting bogged down in these rules, we each have an 
interest in making sure that the rules used by the various administrative 
authorities are consistent, are easy for international consumers to use, 
avoid gaming by unscrupulous registrants, minimize registrar involvement, and 
create an environment where there will be multiple administrative authorities 
to choose from.

 To make sure that there are in fact administrative authorities ready and 
able to handle disputes that will arise under the policy once it's actually 
adopted by registrars, Francis Gurry at WIPO has offered to host an informal 
get together on July 27, 1999 at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  
The meeting will hopefully be a working meeting to discuss issues relating to 
next steps necessary for rolling out an effective dispute policy by the 

WIPO will be distributing information about this, but I'd like to encourage 
active participation among this group of prospective registrars.  I look 
forward to seeing many of you there.