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[registrars] The DOC letter to rep Tom Bliley

Some of you may have already seen this letter
(it came out July 8th)
from the DOC to the USG House rep Bliley,
but for those that have not (seen it already),
I found it enlightening, especially where it talks
about the negotiations between DOC and NSI
regarding the post-testbed phase.
and search for the phrase
"Following are the principal issues under discussion"
and begin reading from there.
It has DOC's opinions about:
the 2-years-at-a-time fee
the transfer fee (full two-year fee to transfer)
the $9 per year fee (supposedly to recover registry development costs)
the performance bond
the restrictive NDA
new registrars at only 5 per month (a new one to me)
NSI acting as a registry and a registrar issue
Paul Stahura
eNom, Inc.