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[registrars] [Fwd: EC-POP meeting, Monday 5 July 1999]



Good afternoon:

Subject:        Internet Governance - 
                EC-POP meeting, Brussels 5 July 1999

Thank you very much for registering for the meeting on Monday. This is to let you know that we have more than 60 registrations and that the participants will include several members of the ICANN Board, representatives of EuroISPA, RIPE, ETSI, CENTR, ICC, CORE, DNSO, ASO, PSO, E-Commerce Europe, CEPIS, ISOC, ETO, INTUG, ETNO as well as a good cross section of the Internet community in Europe and representatives of several Member States and Commission Directorates General.

I recall that the meeting starts at 10.00 in the Borschette Centre, Rue de Froissart, 1040 Brussels (Metro Schumann).

The Proposed Agenda posted on 9 June 1999 is essentially unchanged.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

Regards, Christopher Wilkinson.