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Re: [registrars] RE: mailing list

Ivan Pope wrote:
> >> 
> Can someone clarify who controls registrar@registrar.icann.org?
> Thanks,
> Ivan

ICANN. I guess Andrew McLaughlin, unless it is Josh Elliott.

This list is intended not for disucssion but as an announcement tool for ICANN
to communicate with post-testbed registrars (testbed rgistrars have their own list).

The list is phisically hosted by CSL (Siegrfired langenbach's company), or at
leasst it waxs at the beginning. But I insist that is direclyt controlled by ICANN.

BTW, I think it is time we tell ICANN to turn it back to "announce-mode" as
registrars@dnso.org is already working and controlled by Michael Palage.