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RE: [registrars] RE: IMPORTANT - ICANN DNSO Registrar Constituency Voting

> > If I understand correctly there can only be one 
> representative on the names
> > council from any single "entity".  If Ken Stubbs and Bob 
> Connelly were both
> > elected from the Registrar Con. could they both be on the 
> Names Council since
> > they are bothe part of CORE?
> > 

> as the bylaws rightly say: "No more than one officer, 
> director or employee
> of a corporation or other organization (including its subsidiaries and
> affiliates) shall serve on the NC at any given time"  
> (Article VI-B.2.g).

It is clear from this that Bob Connelly and Ken Stubbs could not both server
on the NC as they are both officers of CORE.
Interesting situation. What happens next?


> Under this light, I disagree with Bob when he asumes that He 
> and Ken could
> hointly serve on the NC. Not beacuse they are both members, 
> but bezcause they
> are both members of the CORE's Exectutive Committee. This is 
> not to say that
> they should not boeht run: in case they were both to be 
> elected, we should
> then solve this incompatibility, as we will have in case we 
> have two or more
> people form the same region at the top of the list. And even 
> someone couyld
> disagree on my interpretation of the ICANN Byalwas, but I am 
> afradi they are
> pretty clear here. 
> FYI, we have already had a similar, even if more complicatd 
> case. Susan
> Anthony was elected as one of the three NC reps by the IP 
> consituency, as INTA
> rep. Theesa Swinehart has been elected by the Business 
> consituency. But both
> of them work for MCI WordlCom, and, regardless of which 
> organisation they were
> suppsoed to represent, theyˇir joint presence in the NC is 
> not acceptable. MCI
> WOrldCom abd the respective Consituencies are now trying to 
> find a solution
> (ie: which one should be replaced).
> In our case, Ken or Bob, could be jointly elected with nay of 
> the other
> nominees who also are working for/representing CORE members, 
> as none of them
> (none of us) are members of the Executive Committee, work for 
> the Secretariat
> or Chair any Working Group (and these are all kinds of CORE "offices"
> accroding to its byalws).
> Tgere is a final possible conflict: while I am not a CORE 
> officer, I was
> appointed by CORE to POC. This does not give me the same 
> status as a CORE
> officer or director, indeed but I have consulted ICANN board 
> and councsel
> about this point, and I am waiting for their anwser to see 
> whether this would
> create a conflict in case I was elected with Ken or Bob. (my 
> opinion is that
> it would not, but this is again irrelevant).
> Best regards,
> Amadeu