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[registrars] Wired news article


please take a close look at the "termination clause in the nsi
registry-registrar agreement
referenced at http://www.nsiregistry.net/registrar/     (registrar license &
agreement)  section 6.1

it seems that NSI can dish it out to the new ICANN registrars but the tears
flow when they get just a little of their own medicine back..

i am quite certain that  attempts will be made for re-negotiation here in
both the public & private sectors by NSI (including lots of pressure up on
the hill ??).

unfortunately for the testbed registrars and post-testbed registrars we were
& they will be presented with a "take it or leave it with no negoations
possible agreement" dictate by NSI.

ken stubbs

p.s.i understand that an enterprising vendor has also set up a booth close
to the capital mall in downtown washington.
you can have your picture taken with a likeness of your choice of:

a. president clinton
b. ricky martin
c. luke skywalker    OR
d. the "A" root server...

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From: Diane Cabell <cabell@MAMA-TECH.COM>
Sent: Friday, June 18, 1999 5:32 PM
Subject: Termination Notices

>"We're concerned about what ICANN is doing.... If you sign that
>agreement, you're giving to ICANN the ability to terminate your business
>with 15 days' notice," said Don Telage, president of NSI."
>ICANN Too Tax You by Declan McCullagh, Wired News, 18.Jun.99. at
>"7. Revocation. The registrant agrees that Network Solutions shall have
>the right in its sole discretion to revoke, suspend, transfer or
>otherwise modify a domain name registration upon thirty (30) calendar
>days prior written notice, or at such time as Network Solutions receives
>a properly authenticated order from a court of competent jurisdiction,
>or arbitration award, requiring the revocation, suspension, transfer or
>modification of the domain name registration."
>February 25, 1998 at
>Now that you folks at NSI can feel our pain, do you think you might
>consider a more humane revocation policy?

Ken Stubbs
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