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[registrars] Springtime for Spies and Cops

Dear Colleagues:

En route to Europe I chanced to received a copy of The Daily Telegraph, 
"Connected", dated Thursday, 10 June.   The top of each page has the 
notation "connected@telegraph.co.uk".

The story on page 4 and 5, title above, deals with a U.S. spy operation at 
Menwith Hill in Yorkshire.  Called "Echelon", the operation has set up 
International User Requirements for Interception (IUR).  It is a massive 
system for interception telecommunications messages, voice and 
Internet.  Automated systems watch for key words to permit interception of 
specific subjects.

Perhaps the story is on the Web.  I'm copying The Telegraph to see what can 
be learned.

Anyone question why NSI is getting the kid glove treatment by the US Gov?

BobC, from D.C.

'Ome is where my