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[registrars] Election & Teleconfernce

The first teleconference with ICANN & the Commerce Department took place
this past Thursday.  I am working with Louie (ICANN) and Karen (DOC) to
schedule another 1 or 2 teleconferences for the benefit of those parties
that were not able to participate.  So far I have had NUMEROUS inquires
from other post testbed companies and their legal counsel, I will try to
coordinate someone so that everyone's voice can be heard.  I am sure
that ICANN and the Department of Commerce wants to hear what everyone
has to say.  I will have the minutes from that teleconference ready by
the end of the week (Sunday night EDT).

I am working on getting the ballot for the election along with the
accompanying CV of each nominee in order.  E xcpet to see it late
tonight or early tomorrow.  In addition I will be including a list of
legal issues in connection with the NSI contract.  The DOC & ICANN
agreed with the groups suggestion that a priority list of our concerns
would be very valuable to them in gauging our concerns.


One or two companies have contacted me about concerns with the ICANN
contract, if there are any other concerens by the membership at large
please bring them to my attention so that I can relay this information
to Louie.