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Re: [registrars] IDN Committee Update

At 12:00 PM 6/25/03 -0400, Edmon Chung wrote:
Hi Fellow Registrars,

Here is an update from the IDN-RIC (Registry Implementation Committee):

- The two IDN Committees:
    - IDN-RIC
    - IDN Committee
Have merged.

- In typical ICANN fashion, a new version (ver. 1.0) of the IDN
Implementation Guidelines were published last friday, just before the ICANN
meetings in Montreal
    - the guidelines are similar to the original document posted just before
the Rio ICANN, with some wording changes and updated notes.

In Rio, when we were discussing this issue, there was considerable interest
in two main areas from the registrar constituency:

1) consistent character equivalence policies across gTLDs
2) sunrise for IDNs

As the IDN Committee looks into future works, neither of these are on the
agenda.  I have been advised that if the Registrar Constituency is keen that
these are two topics that should be discussed at the ICANN IDN Committee, we
need to be providing a position paper.

More specifically about the 2 issues:

1) in the current guidelines, gTLD registries have a wide degree of liberty
as to the choice of character equivalence policies to be implemented.  All
decisions are delegated to registry's discretion.  The guidelines basically
only provide a framework that says: there are these problems, and you need
to consider it carefully and clearly describe your policies before
implementing IDNs.

2) There is currently no requirement for a sunrise period for launching

Does people in this constituency want to put together a position paper that
says we would like ICANN to consider these issues?  If there is interest I
can draft something up and we could further discuss.

Dear Edmon:  I believe our staff would like to participate. 
Regards, BobC

Personally, I do think there should be consideration for sunrise period.

Thoughts, anyone?


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