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RE: [registrars] Proxies at Montreal RC meeting.

Dear all - sometimes these threads, particularly regarding constituency governing documents, lead to misunderstandings.  We will address this briefly at the meeting and post a more comprehensive explanation to the list after the meeting.
Thank you,

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	From: Jim Archer [mailto:jarcher@registrationtek.com] 
	Sent: Fri 20/06/2003 8:12 PM 
	To: Robert F. Connelly; Registrar Constituency 
	Subject: Re: [registrars] Proxies at Montreal RC meeting. 

	Hi Bob... 

	--On Friday, June 20, 2003 12:11 PM -0700 "Robert F. Connelly" 
	<rconnell@psi-japan.com> wrote: 

	> Rick has pointed out that the by-laws require that votes not be taken at 
	> our face to face meetings.  However, we *do* take "Straw ballots" at 
	> meetings. 

	If the bylaws prohibit voting at the in person meetings, then how can we 
	justify taking a "straw ballot" ??  If I understand correctly, the purpose 
	of prohibiting voting at these meetings is so that registrars not in 
	attendance are not disadvantaged.  In the past, at meetings I have 
	attended, we have taken these "straw polls" or whatever they are called 
	with the understanding that they would not have any significant meaning, 
	but rather were to simply gauge the sentiment of the registrars in 
	attendance at that time.   Still, the results of this straw ballot are 
	recorded and end up being cited by somebody. 

	For example, I recall that a straw ballot was taken on WLS at a meeting. 
	Later the results were used as evidence that that the resolution adopted by 
	the entire constituency (after notice was given and formal voting was 
	conducted) was no longer valid. 

	Regardless of what we choose to call it, if people are raising their hands 
	and someone is counting then that's a vote.  If the bylaws prohibit it then 
	we should not do it. 

	For the record, I will be in attendance in Montreal.  I have adopted this 
	position in the past, and continue to hold it, regardless of whether or not 
	I attend meetings. 


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