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[registrars] Minutes of Registrar Executive Committee

Here are the minutes and actions items for today's Registrar Executive

Item #1 - Election of Registrar Representative to ICANN's new Nominating

Nominations will be open for any nominated registrar representative seeking
to serve in this capacity from January 7th through the 21st. Voting for this
position will occur from January 22nd through 29th. On Jan 23rd there will
be a teleconference to discuss the nominees.

Item #2 - Dues Assement

Financially the Registrar Constituency is in good financial standing, with
approximately 25,000 in the bank account. The 2003 Registrar Invoice will be
due approximately July 15, 2003. Any registrar in current good standing will
continue to be able to vote until that time.

Item #3 - Implementation Committees

Please see emails from Bruce and Ken that have recently been posted to the
list which give an accurate update of these events.

Item #4 - Budgetary Committee

The three registrar representatives on the ICANN Budgetary Committee are
Rick Wesson, Paul Stahura & Elana Broitman. No meeting scheduled. Elana has
asked Stuart for a Registrar conference call with him to have a preliminary
discussion. Awaiting response back. No communication from ICANN to date on
this topic.

Item #5 - Next Registrar Meeting

Tentatively scheduled for Feb 21st the day after the FTC Workshop in
Washington, on Cross Boarder Fraud. Planning for next meeting will take
place in Montreal. Further updates to come shortly.

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