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RE: [registrars] Call for registrars to participate in an implementation analysis for TRANSFERS

Sign me up as well please.

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Subject: [registrars] Call for registrars to participate in an
implementation analysis for TRANSFERS

Hello All,

Please notify me and the list if you wish to participate in the
implementation work on the new transfers consensus policy.  The
implementation work will analyse how to practically implement the
recommendations in the Transfer Task Force report for both com/net registry
(ie RRP) and biz/info/name (ie EPP) registries, and identify any issues with
the policy recommendations that cannot be solved in implementation.  The
work will also take into account the public comments received on the task
force report, including those principles that were posted to this list by
Chuck Gomes.

I am looking for a small team of people prepared to spend significant time
on this topic over the next month (ie several hours per week to read and
analyse material and actively contribute suggestions, plus teleconferences).
The volunteers should have a strong knowledge of the business processes of
an operational registrar, that can bring different experiences to the

The team will work with registry representatives, and the team will also
have user representatives that served on the transfers task force to ensure
that the implementation work is consistent with the intent of the policy

The outcome will be an implementation report that will be added to the
transfers task force report before it is submitted to the ICANN Board.

Bruce Tonkin

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