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[registrars] Scary but true email about WLS!

Everyone knows that Parava Networks is against the implementation of the WLS
because of our service through NicGenie.com. I received the following email
which more than scaring me, should scare the end consumer.

I would like to raise awareness that this is a real problem and will likely
happen thanks to ICANN and Verisign.

This is what I received;


In my continuing efforts to provide you, my client, with the latest ideas,
news, strategies and money-making ideas, I am sending you this wonderful
strategy that may soon permit you to obtain the domain names you want.

Since ICANN now seems to be moving seriously to enforce the 15-day
confirmation period for suspect whois data, you may want to be thinking
about implementing the following strategy for obtaining some valuable domain

Consider this - the Wait-List Service has been approved, and you will soon
be able to obtain a deleted name with certainty.  The trick, of course, is
knowing which domain names are going to be deleted, since you have to pay
your money up front.  The Redemption Grace Period adds further uncertainty
to the process.  However....

Now, we have the way to shake the tree and make the domain names fall out.
Look for domain names which have contact email address of defunct  ISP, such
as home.com, and others which caused mass-strandings of domain name
registrants with no way to fix their whois data if email confirmation is
required.  Alternatively, try to find out or guess when the domain name
registrant of the name you want is away from their phone, email, or address
for two weeks.   Don't worry, if you guess wrong, you can try again. The
whois confirmation policy provides a 15 day "bed check" for the registrar to
confirm these details are correct, and this is MUCH shorter than the
proposed redemption grace period.


STEP 1 - Take out a WLS or Snapback on the name you want.

STEP 2-  Complain loud and hard that the whois data for the domain name is

STEP 3 - Wait 15 days.

STEP 4 - Enjoy your new domain name.

What's nice about this method, as opposed to other hi-jacking methods, is
that if you score the name and your target wakes up and figures out what
happened, then he/she has virtually no recourse. If you are concerned about
the security of any of your domain names,  keep in mind that every domain
name has a 15 day fuse to deletion (and you will not likely be informed at
day 1, so it is less than that), and act accordingly. Email server down this
week?  Kiss your domain names goodbye.


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