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[registrars] WLS go ahead???

I do not understand - if the RC voted NO and the DNSO voted NO but ICANN is
still going to allow WLS - then what the hell are we here for. The RC and
the DNSO might as well pack up and go home because ICANN and VeriSign are
going to do what they want.

The comment from Louis and SnapNames "Furthermore, if the price is too high
then WLS will not be accepted in the marketplace." is worthless. People will
still use the WLS no matter the price because they see a worth in the name
and someone will pay it just to have it FIRST. Why wait for it to be deleted
weeks later, I gotta get it now before the other guy does. When my reseller
sells it for $100 it will now cost the end user $124. The marketplace will
automatically be there because of the greedy people of the world - we have
not changed anything - except to put $$$ in the Registry pocket. If 800K
names are still waiting to drop then we just put ~$19.2 million dollars in
VeriSign pocket. 120 registrars making ~$4 on each, a registrar just made
~$26K on 800K names - why bother.

David Wascher

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