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[registrars] Separate WLS from Deletes issue

Hello All,

I think we should separate the WLS as a proposed new service, from the
problems with competition for expired names.

One way to do this would be to prevent a WLS being placed on a name within
say 30 days of the expiry date of the domain during the trial period.  Thus
the WLS would then act as a genuine back order system, not as a higher
re-registration fee for a deleted domain name.  We can still have the
various competing approaches to securing deleted names.

The current WLS proposal would likely create the same behaviour as we are
seeing already.  ie speculators will wait for signs that a domain name is
about to be deleted, and then compete to get the WLS on the name.

I would like to see a proposed solution to the deletes problem (ie excessive
use of checks/adds in the lead up to a domain name being deleted), at the
same time that we decide on the WLS solution/trial.

I personally like the idea of the back order concept as a new business idea,
but I disagree that it solves the current problem with the existing core
registry service.

Bruce Tonkin

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