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Re: [registrars] Questions about WLS

I just wanted to see the questions before I submit them to you to eliminate
the same ones.
Anyway, here they are:

1- Intro:"Justification" document (Jan 28, 2002), VGRS admits that WLS
doesn't solve the "Rush to Register Deleted Names"  operational problem
(Page 7, Paragraph d). "We recognize that the WLS is not a solution for the
deleted names issue"
I thought this was exactly the problem to which we were trying to find a
solution. It was this "Rush" that caused all the problems and discussions.

Question 1: If WLS doesn't solve this problem,  what is the purpose of it?

2- Intro: Related to the question 1: According to Snapnames Parallel
Registries Proposal (Sept 21, 2001) there are 25,000 deletions/day and half
of them are desired names. So, this shows us the yearly demand on deleted
names as roughly 4.5 million. Since there is only one position available for
subscription, it is very likely that there will be rush on the first days of
WLS. VGRS couldn't handle the load of 160,000 domain release back in Aug
2001 (which lead us to today's condition).

Question 2: Do you think VGRS will be able to handle the load of 4.5 million
(28 times more)?

3- Intro: If the answer to question 2 is yes, we'll assume that VGRS finally
installed the necessary mechanism to protect its system against such

Question 3: Why can't we go back to the original system? (not that we are
fan of the old system but this need to be asked)

References in the below items are from "Revised WLS" document:

4- Intro: Page 6, Paragraph a, "If the domain name is not already subscribed
to in WLS, then the registrar submits a subscription for that name to WLS."
....."The SRS identifies the name in the SRS database as being a subscribed

Question 4: Will this status info (whether the domain has a subscription on
it or not) be available to public? Please give a reason if the answer is no.

5-Intro: After a domain name is deleted, according to Page 7, Paragraph b,
"If the name is on WLS, the name is automatically added to the SRS database
using the registration data supplied by the subscription registrar at the
time the subscription was made."

Page 6, Paragraph a states that the subscription requires same data as RRP
"ADD" command -minus nameservers- As you know, RRP ADD has 3 different
attributes :domain name, period, nameservers. In WLS nameservers are not
asked, period can't be anything but 1. Therefore there is no data but the
domain name.

Question 5: Is this sentence accidentally copied from another document? If
not, what data is there other then domain name?

6. Intro: VGRS allows registrars to delete a domain with full refund if it's
less than 120 hours old.

Question 6: Is there any grace period for deletion (cancellation) of a WLS
subscription which will refund the fee.

7- Intro: Page 8, Paragraph g: "Subscriptions continuing beyond the end of
the trial period would continue to be serviced by VGRS and registrars"

Question 7: Does this make the trial period actually 18- 24 months?

8- Intro: Page 9, Paragraph 4a , states that the Service Agreement will
require registrar to keep the identity of subscribers confidential.

Question 8: Why is this required? Doesn't this create conflict with ICANN's
transparency objective?

There are a few more issues that we want to mention, but it would be better
to discuss them face to face. I hope, Registrar Constituency meeting in
Dulles will be a good opportunity for that.

Best Regards,

Nezih Jack Erkman
R & K GBS, Inc.
Cell: 501-779-1934

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> the WLS team is working on a document to send to the constituency - if you
> have particular questions, please don't hesitate to send them to Rick
> Wesson, Ross Rader or myself.
> Thanks, Elana
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> Subject: [registrars] Questions about WLS
> Hi,
> Do we have a list of questions that will be passed to VGRS as they asked
> the Revised WLS document?
> [Deadline for questions: Feb 8, 2002]
> Nezih Jack Erkman
> R & K GBS, Inc.
> 000Domains.com
> Cell: 501-779-1934

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