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[registrars] New Forum


In the effort to create better means of communications I have set up a
threaded forum, its better than a mailing list archive but not quite a web

The new forums are available at http://forum.registrars.dnso.org, they are
publicly viewable but only members of the registrars constituency can
post. The registrars@dnso.,org e-mail list is gatewayed to the forum so
all the posts (as of today) will be available there.

The license for the forum was donated to us from jivesoft.com, many thanks
to them.

In the future submissions to the forum will be gatewayed back to the list.

The is one administrative issue, before you can post your account will
have to be added to the list of constituency members. I suggest you use
your e-mail address as your userid so that assigning you to the approved
list is easier. I will consult the subscribed list of registrars on this
list before approving your posting to the forum.

the forums are open to reading by all however only registrar members can
create new threads, basicly it works just like this list.

I'm happy to create new forums for our discussions please drop any
suggestions to excom@registrars.dnso.org

best regards,


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