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[registrars] Registrar discussion

Bruce Tonkin brought up a good point. Many people let their domain expire 
accidentally (invalid postal/email/telephone contact info).

Their domain then gets removed from the root zone file before being 
deleted. The time between the domain being removed from the root zone to 
when it is deleted is being discussed as being set to 15 to 28 days.

The thinking is that the customer should then "notice" that their domain is 
no longer resolving and should then hopefully realize that their domain 
wasn't paid for. However, all to often, registrants do not notice and their 
visitors simply think that the website is experiencing technical difficulties.

Instead of deleting domains, why not have the Registry change the 
nameserver settings for all domains in this "suspended" mode to something like:


and have all domains that resolve to these nameservers bring up a web page 
that contains a message such as:

domain name has not been renewed by the registrant. If you are the 
registrant of this domain, it is imperative that you contact your Registrar 
immediately to reactivate your domain name. "

It could even go as far as letting the Registrant know that their is a WLS 
order pending.......  "If this domain is not renewed, it will automatically 
be transferred to a third party who has ordered a Domain Name Wait List 
Service on this domain."

Or even better if there is no WLS order:  "If you are not the registrant of 
this domain you may wish to purchase a Domain Name Wait List Service on 
this domain which would guarantee that you become the new registrant of 
this domain should the current registrant fail to renew - click here for 
more information"

Seems that this would be a very simple project to implement and would 
result in higher renewal rates and lower customer service problems.

(Of course, mydomain.com would be happy to develop this system)

Richard Lau

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