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RE: [registrars] Voting Results


We've also noticed the discrepencies.  It appears that there are 7 ballots
which were voted, but were not counted by the votebot (possibly because
they were sent from an invalid email address).  These ballots don't appear
to change the outcome of any ballot items, just the total votes received.
But, this is still a concern, and we're in the process of verifying this
with our votebot vendor.  In the meantime, Mike has presented a list of
hand-tabulated ballots to keep this process open and transparent.

Due to U.S. Presidential elections, we no longer trust hand counters from
Palm Beach County. :-)  So several members of the ExCom have verified the
hand tabulated results, and Mike has published it for verification by
the individual voters before announcing a final and complete result.

We take this as seriously as you do, and want to ensure that we have not
only a fair & accurate election this time, but also establish an ongoing
process to accurately, completely, and automatically tabulate and publish
full election results for the Constituency.


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> Mike,
> The results displayed on the spreadsheet you sent with the note below are
> not consistent with the results on the website you reference.  If
> you count
> votes on the spreadsheet, the numbers are different than one finds on the
> website, and likewise, there are votes on the website that do not
> match the
> spreadsheet.
> When will these two be consistent?
> Regards,
> Bruce
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> From: 	Michael D. Palage [mailto:michael@palage.com]
> Sent:	Thursday, December 20, 2001 9:44 PM
> To:	registrars@dnso.org
> Subject:	[registrars] Voting Results
>  << File: Registrar-Voting-Dec-2001.xls >> The Registrar
> Executive Committee
> has reviewed the results from the recent
> election and that it appears that everything is in order. The
> results of the
> vote can be viewed on line for verification purposes at
> http://registrars.beach.net/votes/0001/. Attached is a copy of an Excel
> spreadsheet which may be in an easier to read format. Before announcing
> these results as final and asking our new Names Council representatives to
> take their position, please make sure that your vote was properly received
> and documented.
> Best regards,
> Michael D. Palage
> on behalf of the Registrar Executive Committee

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