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[registrars] Fw: [nc-org] Registrars and restrictions on org marketing

Fellow registrars...

This was posted to the names council & dot org task force today..

I am very pleased to see that our concerns are being heard and this specific
issue  "issue" may very well have been resolved.

We still have other significant items which need to be addressed in the
process and need to get started on the formation of a workgroup to address

We have expressions of interest in working on this issue from Bruce Tonkin
from MelbourneIT, Scott Hemphill of Domainbank, and Elana Broitman from
Register.com.  I would hope that there might be some  European Registrars
who would like to participate as well.

In the upcoming months this "re-delegation" will become an increasingly
important issue for all of us

Ken Stubbs

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From: "Milton Mueller" <Mueller@syr.edu>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 12:51 PM
Subject: [nc-org] Registrars and restrictions on org marketing

> TF members:
> I have done some additional consultations, both
> with registrar representatives and with my own
> constituency.
> The conclusion I've drawn is that any attempt
> to regulate the .org by imposing restrictions
> on how registrars market the domain
> is not feasible in a domain of .org's size.
> Examples of problems:
> * Many registrars employ resellers, and in an
> extended chain of production monitoring and
> policing marketing practices would be tough.
> * if you disqualify a registrar, what happens to
> their existing customer accounts?
> * Registrars oppose it politically
> I think we can move forward on an important
> consensus point by making it clear that,
> whether we go sponsored or unsponsored,
> all accredited ICANN registrars will be able
> to sell registrations in .org.
> If we go the sponsored route, any restrictions on
> registration would have to come from a CEDRP.
> A dispute policy that can throw out offending
> registrations is in my opinion the only feasible way
> to enforce restrictions on a legacy domain.
> --MM

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