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RE: [registrars] .BIZ Litigation: Joint Defense Followup

What does everyone think about Neulevel's idea of refunding the Registrars
for DNA but only by certifing in writing?

To me it is just a way for Neulevel to wash their hands and leave the
problem for the Registrars. Do they really expect the Registrars to refund
their customers? Do they have any idea as to the time and money it would
take to do such a thing?

Patricio Valdes
Parava Networks

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Subject: [registrars] .BIZ Litigation: Joint Defense Followup


I have received a number of indications of interest regarding pursuing a
joint defense in the .BIZ litigation. To this end, I am organizing an
exploratory teleconference for early next week so that we can move to next

If you are interested in pursuing a joint defense and have been served,
please RSVP to me privately with the following information:

Name of Company:
Name of Representative(s) who will be on the call:

I will respond to your RSVP with the call details and the date and time of
the call. We must move quickly on this, so I will require your RSVP no later
than 9:00am this coming Monday morning. The earlier you get it to me, the
earlier I can provide you with details concerning the time and date.Please
try and limit the number of people that will be representing your company as
we have a limited number of ports available for the telecon. Please also
note that this is an effort independent of the constituency or ICANN etc.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a note



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