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Re: [registrars] North American Seat

Thanks for the inquiry and I will be happy to answer your questions..

Q # 1 & 2.

Donny ...

I note on your company's website (
http://www.directnic.com/legal/opensrs_policy.php)  that your Company,
Intercosmos Media  has had contractual relationships with Tucows and  that
your company , has acted as a re-seller for & used Tucows to process and
manage your domain registrations.

As such,  I would assume that you are quite familiar with re-seller models
that was originally conceived by CORE back in 1998 so I apologize if any of
this material is "redundant' to you .

I am vice president of Domain Names International which is one of the
original CORE members and has utilized the CORE SRS to register domains
since CORE became an active registrar. As chairman of CORE, I was deeply
involved in the development and activities of the CORE SRS and according to
the most current Snapnames report, CORE has in excess of 750,00 names under
management. Our company Domain Names International has registered many
domains thru CORE. I don't have any nor do I anticipate any consulting
arrangements with other registrars.

As CORE was one of the original "test-bed" registrars and a founding member
of the registrar constituency, and as someone who has a very significant
concern about registrar issues, I naturally have a strong interest in
insuring that Registrars can continue to operate in a Viable, profitable
manner.  This is why I am running for re-election.

 I have received many e-mails &  telephone calls of support for other
registrars. They expressed  feelings that it is essential to have an
"experienced person" representing the Registrars, who knows the "in's &
out's" and who has fought ICANN political battles before.  We Registrars
have many important issues before us and, as the former Chairman of the
Council, I bring a "consistency & credibility" that other council members
and the ICANN board are comfortable with.

Remember, it takes votes from the other constituencies to get what we
Registrars are looking for in the future  (I.e. registrar transfer &
deletes, whois, & IDN's ) and I can help get those votes because of my good
working relationships.

3.  Your assumption here is not correct Donny.
I do not own any share of stock in Afilias. I represent CORE on Afilias
Board of directors and  also Represent CORE at Afilias member - owner
meetings (I believe Ross has been the Tucow's representative)
Only Icann- Accredited Registrars can own stock in Afilias.

4. If you check the minutes of the meeting you will see that there were no
substantive issues discussed after I left. I consulted with the names
council chairman prior to leaving and he assured me that there would be none
except for a "Budget Committee" resolution which had been discussed
previously.  I informed the Chairman that I would be giving my proxy for
this vote to Roger as I am a member of the names council Budget Committee he
was the names council "budget committee chairman"  and had been for the last

5. answer...This would be my "second term".

 6.a If Registrar A sends an invoice to a customer 30 days before a
 domain is supposed to expire and when they do this, they put the domain
 in a Non-Paid status so this makes the domain non-transferable to
 another registrar.   Do you agree with this policy?

answer:  No I do Not !

   b.Would you agree  with this policy if registrar B decides to send an
invoice to a domain
      holder 5 days after they register a domain for the renewal for 360
days  later?

answer: I certainly would not

7. > If somebody registered a bogus .info trademark domain and then a
   > customer files a complaint with WIPO and they admit to WIPO that they
   > don't own any trademark on the domain.
   > But WIPO awards the person who filed the complaint the domain.  Should
they put  >in .bogus information in  the trademark fields for the .info
domain?  Or should they just leave it
  >  blank since they don't own any trademark on the word or the domain?

 ANSWER :  All Attempts at "gaming" the Sunrise process only serve in the
end run to hurt Registrars, they cast a "cloud" on the expansion process and
as such make it more difficult for the process to move forward..

 8. Is the participation of individuals within ICANN really all that
 important? What does it mean for registrars?

Individual participation is important. these are people who use Registrars
and they need to feel, just like consumer's of other products and services
that they have some sort of "input" into any process which provides products
& services to them.

ICANN REGISTRAR  WITH A SIMILIAR NAME "#1 Domain Names International,

   ANSWER:  i own less than 5 domains

11. Easy to answer:  I work to create an environment which allows all
registrars to grow and prosper. By creating an environment like this, my
Registrar business can grow & prosper as well.

 12.>  I had to save the best question for last.  Why is the Domain Names
 >International domain, 1dni.com registered with tucows and not with
>  1dni.com since it is an accredited registrar?

as i stated before in question #9  donny ...  THIS IS NOT MY COMPANY . THE

I cant answer why their name is registered with Tucows.  maybe they are
affiliated with Tucows  and used Tucows SRS like your company has ...

my very best wishes for a happy holiday season

Ken Stubbs

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