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[registrars] NC Election: Ross Rader/North America - Position Summary


I just wanted to drop all of you a quick note thanking you each for the time
that you have put aside to talk to me over the last week or so. To those of
you that I haven't been able to get in touch with yet - feel free to drop me
a line and let you know what time and day would be the best for me to get in
touch with you. As all well know, the Registrar Constituency is, and will
continue to be faced with a number of very important issues that directly
affect the day to day operation of all of our businesses. I welcome the
opportunity to discuss these matters with you. It is just as important to me
as it is to you that the Constituency has the representation in place within
the Names Council to ensure that these issues are taken care of in a manner
that benefits all registrars. Now is the time to change for the better.

Please find to follow a brief summary of my position and thoughts on these

    - Registrars must work together to ensure that we are effectively heard.

    - We must build alliances with other constituencies and stakeholders
whilst maintaining our integrity in order to ensure that we can accomplish
what we need to accomplish. Our alignments rest with both the end-user and
the supplier. Careful balance must be achieved in our relationships with

    - Each Names Council representative that we elect this time around must
be prepared to pursue the direct representation of constituency interests on
the ICANN board of directors - even if that means effective dissolution of
the Names Council.

    - The creation of consensus policy need not be a sword dangled over the
heads of those that stand to benefit most from it. We can and will create
consensus policy that works to our advantage by reducing ambiguity and
increasing the efficiency of existing policy. This includes policy
concerning transfers, deletions, warehousing, front-running, registration
periods, rights in names and more.

    - We need more registrars participating in the constituency. I will do
my part to ensure that this happens.

    - I will not stop consulting with you once I have been elected. We have
shared a lot of views over the last few years. This won't change at the
close of this election.

As always, drop me a line if you have any questions - and thanks again to
each of you for allowing us to distract you with these proceedings ;)



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