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RE: [registrars] Transfer Process-2

I am for allowing transfers during expiry - as to whether we should vote
separately on this process or include it in the document is a decisoin left
to everyone else

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> Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 6:19 PM
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> Subject: RE: [registrars] Transfer Process-2
> David and others discussing this issue - are you advocating a
> change to the
> IRDX document, or a separate vote?  I want to understand our current
> process.
> thanks
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> Subject: [registrars] Transfer Process-2
> The paper is to provide a constant way for the registrars to do
> business as
> seen by the general public. If a customer decides to start a
> transfer on the
> expiration date then the domain should be Auto-ACK'ed except for
> the reasons
> outlined in the paper 5 days later. In that case that gives the customer a
> choice and allows the losing registrar away to get his money back
> from NSI.
> Zero hours after the expiration the registrar has time to do
> something else
> with the domain.
> All of us have cost - it is the cost of doing business. This cost
> is in the
> registration process using different factors - basic business
> 101. To claim
> that there are cost that prevent you from releasing the domain is
> plain and
> simple "domain hostage" in a different wrapper. This is all part
> of what we
> are fighting and trying to bring to closure for each of our customers.
> So my recommendation (at a minimum) would be if the transfer is
> initiated on
> the expiration date (time not included) then it passes. To be more
> consistent - all of us should use GMT to know when the end of the
> expiration
> is. There could still be the argument of allowing the transfer to
> go through
> the day after because of the lag in emails and such it the transfer was
> started 1 minute before midnight on the expiration date.
> David W.
> IARegistry

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