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Re: [registrars] UPDATE

> arguments that the statements
> from the Constituency were mere allegations of a select few registrars
> against dominate competitors in the market place. To counter this
> the newly elected secretariat has been directed to contact each Registrar
> and seek their specific support for the contents of the letter.

This could get expensive, non?

As an alternative, wouldn't it make more sense to adopt an IETF-like  "last
call" process by which interested parties can make their comments (negative
or positive) for inclusion in the formal record (read: mailing list
archive?). If there are serious detractors, then their comments should be
noted in whatever document it is that we are submitting. This process would
have the effect of placing a positive burden on those with the most interest
in the proceeding rather than forcing the constituency majority to cater to
the vocal minority.

For instance, in the past where Tucows has not been completely comfortable
with the position taken by the constituency, we have noted those concerns
for the record and filed our own independant statement of position.

If there's any support for this, I'd be happy to draft a proposed process
for review and discussion by the RC...

Just my $0.02...


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