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[registrars] Fwd per request by liz williams



Would you mind submitting this material to the registrar’s list for the upcoming election?


Kind regards.




Dear Colleague


As you will have seen from the nominations for the upcoming Registrar’s Constituency election, I am standing for the position of Secretary.  I have been in touch with some of you about the elections and have already received indications of support from a variety of quarters.


I would be very happy if you thought that you could support my candidature.  I bring to the position a variety of skills – efficiency, inclusiveness and a willingness to work in a team.  Perhaps more importantly, I bring a strong commercial and academic focus on internet governance issues – working for Momentous Corporation as their Director of International Affairs and having written a PhD dissertation on the globalisation of regulation and dispute resolution in the domain name industry.   I also have a Masters of Communication in regulating the internet and privacy.


I am currently on the Board of the .au Domain Administration as the representative of the Internet Industry Association and look forward to working more closely with you to build the Registrar’s Constituency into a professionally run organisation that can represent the concerns of the Group to the ICANN Board and to other interest groups.


I look forward to working with whomever is elected.


If you need any further information, you can contact me on +61 2 6122 9600 or on my cellphone on +61 414 26 9000.  For those of you who don’t know me personally, you can see what I look like and get a more detailed professional profile at my website http://www.lizwilliams.net.




+61 2 6122 9600 tel

+61 2 6122 9699 fax

+61 414 26 9000 mob



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