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[registrars] Update

First, I would like to welcome two new registrars that joined the
constituency: Eric Schatzlein with schlund + partner AG and Steve Lee of

Attached please find the power point presentation that one of the FBI
personnel presented in Reston a couple of weeks ago.  An important telephone
number for registrars to be aware of is : +1-202-323-3205.  This is the 24
hour Watch and Warning hotline, the FBI has representatives around the world
that interact with their national counter-parts. For any registrar having
problems with domain name hijacking/theft or credit card fraud please use
this number. I am going to work with the FBI to identify contact persons in
local governments around the world so every registrar can have a local law
enforcement contact. Any help from registrars outside the US would be
greatly appreciated.

With regard to the proposed code of conduct that Richard Lindsey has
circulated, one thing that was reinforced during our meeting in Reston was
the need for proper record documentation and retention (see attached power
point presentation). Law enforcement finds these records extremely valuable
in crime fighting. In fact, the FBI commented favorably on the centralized
record retention of NSI and said that it was in line with other corporate
document retention programs. I do not believe that the work Richard and the
rest of the Code of Conduct Task Force has undertaken is designed to limit
anyone's specific business model, but is just designed to reinforce prudent
business practices to maintain the creditability of registrar industry.

As Yokohama approaches there is a lot of work that still remains. I will
have a draft agenda out in the next couple of days. I will be leaving for
Seoul for an ICANN workshop prior to Yokohama tomorrow, so e-mail will be
the best way to get a hold of me.  Listed below is a survey that Paul Kane
drafted. I agree with Paul and believe that it is important for us to amply
our voice. Any comments or feedback please provide.

With regard to our primary meeting, in light of the potential sticking
points with the Code of Conduct, I would like to ask Richard if we could
meet prior to the scheduled registrar meeting to get as much work done as
possible and not to distract from the other issues that the constituency
must address during its regular meeting.


P.S. I still owe the list a power point presentation that the other FBI
agent presented and the one page handout that Phil Sbarbaro did on contract
language: service v.s. product in connection with Reston meeting.

PAUL KANE's Proposed Survey

As Yokahama approaches I would value your input in bringing together
some real statistics to demonstrate to the internet community that the
registrar constituency is a significant voice and wants to build bridges
between the various other groups..

We have all heard claims of "I represent 30 companies" from one speaker
at an ICANN conference and another person stands up and says "we provide
service to 1,000 customers" etc... now I think it is the Registrars turn
to say "hey... we provide have x million customers and this is what they
are saying to us........"

I think we need to say a few key points:
i) collectively, the constituency provides service to ??? million
individuals, and ??? million businesses.
ii) the constituency works with ????, 000 ISPs
iii) x% of our customers are happy with the service they receive
representing x million users.

Our customers are telling us they want:

To meet the needs of our customers and to ensure we work with other
constituency collegues we propose the following:

If fellow registrars think this strategy is a good idea I would suggest
the summary wants to be short, punchy and backed up with tangible
evidence of how the Registrars are seeking to address and work with the
other constituencies.

Time is short and to avoid sensitivities over disclosure of commercial
information it would be helpful to keep the statistics conservative and
may I suggest one person coordinates the statistics.....





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