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[registrars] Re: [RegistrarsList] no to .TV

In addition to the below, the agreements for .tv put specific 
"instructions" on promotion: immediately adjacent to com/net/org 
OR the ccTLD of your domicile and more favourably than all other 
TLDs (3.5.). This will effect all future generic TLDs approved by 

Also, "premium names" are to be registered direct by the .tv site - 
and there is not even a specific definition on what makes a name 

The mints in the .tv box that accompanied the agreements are 
good, though : )

Govinda Leopold

> Dear fellow Registrars,
> I did receive FedEx package today with all paperwork
> for becoming .TV Registrar.
> After reviewing it I say NO. Here is why.
> 1. If a country is selling their nations pride, I'm not a buyer.
> 2. For reasons beyond my knowledge ICANN
>     supports shortage of General Top Level Domains*.
>     This creates big bugs business for entrepreneurs like .TV. They
>      in turn sponsor ICANN, which closes the circle.
>      Lack of choices leads to high prices like $50 per
>      .TV domain.  I want this to STOP and I pledge my humble
>      contribution by saying NO to .TV
> 3. It is seen from the paper that over $4 million go each year to
>     the country of Tuvalu Island for their 10,000 people. This is
>     $400 annual income per capita. They better go to work. I'm
>     not a contributor.
> 4. The cost of domain name maintenance and support is $2 per year.
>     NSI is selling it at $6. It is a little bit steep but we all agree and
> pay
>     for it. .TV is asking us to pay $37.50 per domain - this is way to high.
> 5. Country domains should belong to the country they are assigned to.
>     I suggest that  ICANN takes away names from countries, selling their
>     names.
> For the very same reasons I say NO to .ws .cc .mu  etc.
> Fellow Registrars, if you find my thinking reasonable, say NO to .TV and
> send
> a letter to ICANN demanding more general top level domains. Applications
> from over 35 applicants* were rejected by ICANN in November for no reason.
> All of them were planning to offer their proposed domains to Registrars
> from $4  to $15. The competition will draw those numbers even lower.
> _______________
> * Disclaimer. My company Abacus is one of the applicants for new TLD.
> We proposed .biz .fam .cool .inc and .xxx Our application was rejected,
> despite the fact that 4 out of 5 domains we proposed made the top 10 list
> by independent MSNBC poll of public opinion and despite the fact the
> independent
> study by Harvard Law school selected our application as the best in it's
> class.
> Application for reconsideration is pending with ICANN.
> ----------------------------------
> Ivan Vachovsky,
> President
> ABACUS America Inc.
> Ste 880, 4660 La Jolla Village Dr.
> San Diego, CA, 92122
> ---------
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