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[registrars] ietf update


Last week the IETF met in San Diego, there were three sessions of
interest IDN-internationalized dns, DOMREG/EPP-Extensible Provisioning
Protocol and Whois. The IDN group met twice.

IDN-Internationalizing the DNS.
THE IETF IDN working group met twice and herd several proposals on an ACE
based encoding for DNS name parts. The working group concluded with
requesting the protocol design team to recommend an ACE based solution.
More information on the IDN working group can be found at

The Whois BOF was hosted by someone at RIPE, soddy I cant't remember the
individuals name. There are 2 options with whois:
   o fix port 43 whois
   o write a new protocol (new port)

the BOF recommended that both need further investigation and the
discussion should happen on the RIPE mailing list(s) see

DOMREG-Domain Registrations
This BOF discussed a replacement protocol for RRP, several mature drafts
were submitted by Scott Hollenbeck of VSGRS. After lengthy discussion the
BOF determined there was need of a working group. Dave Crocker started
formulating the charter and a mail list has been setup at
provreg@cafax.se, send subscriptions requests to provreg-request@cafax.se
the list is a majordomo list. This is a very importat topic as several new
registrars are looking at implementing EPP as a replacement for RRP.

   Please encourage your technical staff to partipate in these
   lists. These IETF processes are open and all are welcome, there is no
   membership fees to participate and the more registrars that work in the
   groups the better the our industry will be.

best regards,


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