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RE: [registrars] UPDATE - Co-Op Teleconference

8:30 a.m. EST Wednesday works for me.

Maureen E. Ruppert
Vice President
Industry Relations

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Subject: [registrars] UPDATE - Co-Op Teleconference

There is no "ideal" time for everyone in the world and unfortunately our
friends in the Asia Pacific regions are often inconvenienced by the
mid-morning EST start-times. Having spent the last two weeks in Seoul and
Yokohama I know first hand the difficulties associated with a +13 hour time
difference. Therefore, I in an effort to ease the burden I will move the
teleconference to 8:30 AM EST as suggested by Erica Roberts for the benefit
of our Asia Pacific participants.

There have been many people that have expressed interest in participating in
this telephone, some with different expectations. I believe the objective of
the call is to identify who is or is not on board at this preliminary stage,
i.e. those registrars that will putting up the initial capital and who will
be working on the various drafting committee. Once these registrars are
identified, then they will create committees to handle the more difficult
issues, i.e. corporate structure, policy, backend provider etc. I believe
that if the larger group attempts to solve these more difficult issues at
the beginning, the chances of completing this proposal on time will be
difficult if not impossible.

This is just my initial impression and something that we as a group will
have to decide on the telephone conference on Friday.

I have not yet arranged the teleconference details, but will do so within
the next 24 hours.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage

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