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RE: [registrars] SLA Update

InterAccess is fine with option 3.

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Subject: [registrars] SLA Update

As some of you may recall, the Registry Service Level Agreement (SLA) that
we adopted with NSI several months ago had a sunset provision in it. This
provision was mandated by several registrars that were concerned that the
performance bar was set to low. Right now the Constituency is rather busy
with the Code of Conduct, Escrow Task Force, Whois Task Force, collective
registry bids, individual registry bids and normal operations.

Please provide feedback on the following:

(1) Let the SLA lapse and work on creating a new one at some time in the
(2) Create a task force in the next couple of weeks prior to the lapse date
(3) Extend the SLA for a fixed period of time, say 6 months


P.S. Please check NSI's performance to date with regard to the existing SLA.

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