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[registrars] Follow-up to Washington.....

Fellow Registrars,

A number of you have contacted me following my ad-hoc presentation at
the Washington meeting asking that we make available an open socket
interface to the Uwhois system for establishing the availability of
names across ccTLDs as well as gTLDs. For those of you still using the
telnet session on port 999 that service will remain operational.

The ccTLD and gTLD Domain Search code is available at

Both services are will remain free to ICANN Accredited Registrars (just
tell us your IP addresses) as part of our desire at a strategic level to
assist registrars satisfy the needs/requirements of the IPC and Business
constituencies. By working together we stand more chance of obtaining
our objectives.

As mentioned in Washington, I feel it is important that the Registrar
constituency has some real facts to amplify our voice in Yokohama...
such as we provide service X million individual internet users, Y
million business users and our customers are saying we want zzzzz

See you in Yokohama....


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