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RE: [registrars] NSI billing for domains

I've noticed this as well.

Actually, I tried to contact someone at NSI about it for
a domain that I have registered personally, and received
a very unsatisfactory response.  The NSI customer support
person told me that the gaining registrar would have to
contact NSI separately (via email or phone) for each &
every domain transferred, in addition to the SRS transfer
request, in order to prevent the double-billing from

I can't believe that NSI really intends for transfers to
work like this.  My guess is that they're still getting
used to changing their business practices to deal with a
competitive market.


Bryan Evans
Director of Technology
InterAccess Co.

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I've noticed multiple cases where
NSI is billing for domain name
renewals for names that have been
transferred well before the expiration
date of the domain (and well before
payment is due to NSI IF the customer
had chosen to remain with NSI).

This causes plenty of problems
with customers that thought they
had transferred their names to DomainRegistry.com
from NSI.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Larry Erlich

Larry Erlich - DomainRegistry.com, Inc.
215-244-6700 - FAX:215-244-6605 - Reply: erlich@DomainRegistry.com

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