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Re: [registrars] NEW: Registrar Meeting Update - Wednesday June 21st.


I will represent interQ, via teleconference.  Can you please
submit exact times when you get a chance.

Wake me up when we get to the COC issue :-)


----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael D. Palage" <mpalage@infonetworks.com>
To: "Registrars@Dnso.Org" <registrars@dnso.org>
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2000 1:09 AM
Subject: [registrars] NEW: Registrar Meeting Update - Wednesday June 21st.

> The plans for next weeks meeting are beginning to crystallize and I
> that it is going to be a very productive meeting and will lay a lot of
> ground work for an excellent Yokohama meeting. The meeting room is
> for 10-30 people. As you can see below we are quickly approaching the
> morning cut-off for in person participation. If you intend on coming in
> person please notify me ASAP.
> Registrar Participating:
> Core (1 in person)
> NSI - the registrar (2 in person)
> Bulkregister (3 in person)
> AOL (1 in person)
> Enet Registry (2 in person)
> Register.com (1 in person, 1 via telephone bridge)
> InfoNetworks (1 in person)
> Domain Bank (2 in person)
> Paul Kane  (1 in person - Wed afternoon)
> AllWest (telephone participation)
> Name Engine (2 in person)
> TUCOWS (1 via teleconference)
> InfoAvenue (1 via teleconference)
> PSI-Japan (1 via teleconference)
> AIT (1 attendee - undecided in person or via teleconference)
> Domain Name Registry (1 via teleconference)
> NSI - The Registry (3 in person)
> US Department of Justice (1 or 2 in person)
> FBI (still awaiting confirmation)
> ICANN Compliance Office (awaiting word back on Louie on Dan's availability
> in person or via teleconference)
> Listed below are the tentative agenda items. There will be a morning
> open to NSI the registry and the law enforcement representatives and then
> closed afternoon session to deal with Registrar policy issues.
> Hijacking Problems: This will start off as an informative session to
> the issue of domain name hijacking. Those law enforcement personnel
> with these issues will be in attendance to give their perspective of the
> situation and to understand the technical aspects of the DNS operation.
> session will then turn to an open forum to discuss what can be done from a
> technical and/or administrative standpoint to address this problem.
> Transfer Issues: I have been hearing nightmare stories from many of the
> registrars. I feel it is important to get everyone in the room and sort
> fact from fiction.
> Registry Update: Time permitting before the lunch break. I would like the
> Registry personnel to give the registrars an update on where the SRS
> software is at and what enhancement are in the pipelines.
> Afternoon Session: This will be closed to registrars only to handling
> various internal policies and issues.
> Registrar Constituency Funding, what are the objectives, goals and future
> structure of the constituency?
> The property v. service debate: What is it that ICANN registrar do sell a
> product or provide a service.
> The Registrars initial response to the ICANN Staff report on new gTLDs
> report now available at the ICANN web site). Map out a plan of attack for
> the upcoming Yokohama meeting.
> Code of Conduct fact finding session. The information and ideas circulated
> during this session will be forwarded to Richard Lindsey and the Code of
> Conduct Task Force for their consideration in Yokohama. This session will
> for the benefit of those registrars that will not be able to participate
> Yokohama.
> I will keep everyone posted as things crystallize further. As questions or
> comments send me an e-mail or call me on the phone +1(561) 741-7880.
> Mike
> P.S. The cost of the room with morning and afternoon refreshments (we are
> our own for lunch) is approximately $950. I have still not yet finalized
> costs for the dial-in telephone bridge. A number of registrars have stated
> that they are willing to contribute financially toward the hosting of this
> event

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