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Re: [registrars] Registrar Meeting


I will be in Washington DC for a series of meetings and a speaking engagement
from Monday to Wednesday morning but I am free Wednesday afternoon (21st).

At a strategic level I think it is important to discuss the issues in advance of
Yokohama.  It may be a good idea to hold a face-to-face meeting in Washington
but IMHO only if remote participation is also possible.  Time is short and many
(potential) participants will have existing commitments/unable to travel.  Would
the hosts of the meeting be willing to have a tel conf link??

Perhaps see you in DC next week...



"Michael D. Palage" wrote:

> I have spoken with several registrars over the past couple of days with
> regard to the growing number of issues that are confronting the
> constituency. Although we are scheduled to meet in Yokohama next month, it
> does not appear that there will be a large turnout. This factor coupled with
> the time differential makes participation via a telephone bridge even less
> attractive. Therefore, I propose having a meeting in DC June 21st.  The
> propose of this meeting will be to discuss the following:
> (1) Recent problems with regard to domain name hijacking and other issues
> involving transfer requests
> Note: Several registrars have discussed providing an invitation to law
> enforcement personal (FBI etc.) that have been currently investigating these
> hijacking issues.
> (2) What is it that Registrars do: sell a product or provide a service.
> There are several registrars that have a different viewpoint on this topic
> and it needs to be discussed. For those advocates of the product viewpoint
> please read the Umbro and the sex.com opinions.
> (3) Code of Conduct issues. I would like to thank Richard Lindsey for
> getting out a draft document based on the original work of Jeff Shrewsbury.
> I think we collectively need to speed the progress of this document.
> (4) Registrar funding and structure.  Funding is a growing problem. The $250
> that I have collected to date was for last year's NC bill (total $5,000).
> According to the budget adopted by the NC we will to pony up ($19,000).
> Structure is a problem when you consider that there is a growing distinction
> between large Registrars and smaller to mid-size Registrars. Will all
> registrars be required to pay the same fees, or will voting rights have to
> be impacted. These are fundamental issues that we as an organization must
> answer if we are to grow as an industry.
> (5) A Registrar Statement on Working Group B & C issues. The staff report is
> due out next week. I strongly believe that a joint Registrar Statement would
> be beneficial.
> I have several people looking into room availability and telephone
> conference facilities.  Several registrars have also expressed an interest
> in contributing financially to host the event.
> I look to take the progress achieved at this meeting to springboard our
> efforts in Yokohama.
> Please provide feedback ASAP as time is short.
> Mike

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