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RE: [nc-whois] Fwd: Whois Presentation

Task Force Members:

We'll hear from Alan and Sarah. THANKS, Sarah, for arranging this.
THEN, we will walk through each of the four sections and finalize what they
will look like in the Interim Report which I know that I still need to finalize
as the look and feel. Sorry, I did other stuff over the week end!  

But, I've reserved tonight to finalize the Interim Report "introductory paragraphs, and closing paragraphs" -- review with 
Antonio, and then get to all of you... We envision the four areas fitting into the Interim Report based on your drafting from your teams.  Then we can post the Interim Report for a 10 day comment period; finalize it in the Final Report, and post it the week before ICANN begins.

Development of the Final Report:
Volunteers will be needed to work on the final report drafting.  I'll be at the ITU and have limited
access to email and phone but will expect to do my part, of course. :-)

Then, I'll recruit Gail Deluca, of my staff, again, to help with preparation of the PowerPoint
presentation for Shanghai.  

We will need to return to the original survey and pull out key findings and represent them in the introduction of our 
final report, as well... I hope that we can turn to Kristy and Thomas for that guidance to Gail.

Welcome to Alan... and thanks again for joining us.
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Dear co-chairs and members of the task force

Alan Davidson from the Center for Democracy and Technology will be on 
the call today to discuss some of the privacy issues related to 
whois. Attached is a ppt presentation that he will use as an outline 
for his remarks.


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