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RE: FW: [nc-whois] revised chapters I.C, I.D-and-E, IV

At 07:00 PM 6/18/2002 -0400, Steve Metalitz wrote:
>I think Thomas' changes to chapter IV look fine.


We should accept the advancements and modifications.


In reference to the question on page nine (9), (What kind of plot should we 
do?).  There is so much information to display and while there are many 
shades of gray we could use ... (I'm thinking about this).


The Question on page five (5): Should the garbage category "8" be mapped 
back to 0 for the sake of evaluation?  All it does is to distort the numbers.

One of the people who received technical support mentioned something to the 
effect of, when making decisions about how to categorize free form 
responses, that when a respondent did not understand the question or 
answered a different question, they were also not providing an answer to 
that question.  By his logic there should not have been a category of 

It is also interesting to note where many respondents did not understand 
the question for the purpose of learning to be more specific when writing 
questions for free form answers.  Perhaps some of our audience needs to 
have an example provided with each free form response's question to better 
ensure more thorough comprehension.



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