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[nc-whois] time line

Just to make sure that everyone's up to date, here's the time line 
which results from today's discussions:

 - May 31: Abel Wisman submits results for question 20
 - May 31: Kristy McKee sends notes to Ram, Laurence, Troy, Ken,  
   Bret, Philipp, and Tim concerning their new (or old) assignments,  
   and concerning updated baskets.  (Thomas has already sent 
   templates to Kristy for further distribution.)
 - This week-end: Ram Mohan sends results from his checking of "*"  
   questionnaires to Thomas.  Thomas produces updated statistics  
   based on input received from Ram and Tony, and sends these
   updated statistics to the list.
 - Next week: Ram, Laurence, ... work on their basketing assignments.
   DEADLINE: June 7.
 - Next week: Everyone works on their drafting assignments.
   DEADLINE: June 7.
 - June 7: Submit basketing results to Thomas.
 - June 7: Stop working on drafting assignments, and send current 
   state of affairs to Kristy.
 - WE June 7-9: Thomas produces updated statistics based on new  
   basketing results.  Kristy merges these tables with drafting 
   state received from members of task force, and distributes 
   updated draft chapters.

Of course, everyone is free (and, indeed, encouraged) to distribute  
drafts to the entire task force during the coming week.

Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@does-not-exist.org>

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