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[nc-whois] RE: Teleconference notes

Y.J., you are right, I didn't mention all who supported the concept of
reading all submissions. You were definitely in the group!!! 

However, I have a question on item 3, I thought we agreed to have interim
report at Ghana, and to try to have final report shortly thereafter, like by
next NC call? It may turn out to be May, after all, of course. But it might
be April? 

On the issue of publishing the final report for four weeks; do we need to do
that? If we publish the interim report for 4 weeks, is it customary to allow
then another four weeks for the final report? If so, we are really
elongating the process. Can we leave that open and discuss it further? 

I think your point about the GAC is very correct, and in fact, we should
note that although it wasn't discussed on this call,  it remains an item to
discuss further. 
Best regards, Marilyn

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Thank you for the notes. 
Seeking your undersatnding, I want to provide some ammendments. 
During the teleconference, it is usually for me to make comments

Page 1.

(2nd)Cade:The committee was divided on this idea. A couple of
people said that everything should be read: Younger and Sapiro.
I remember Marilyn didn't mention my neme when she said this,
however please add my name into this category as scriber's note
by request. I do share this view.

Page 2

YJ Park: In favour of fewer members, but with one more member
from each constituency.

In principle, to have more people is desirable, however, if it is the
consensus of this group, one more member from each constituency
is agreeable.

Page 3

Park: This timeframe may be impractical, too ambitious.

This timeframe may be impractical based upon the other ICANN
works such as new TLD evaluation Task Force. This is the timetable
we can consider.

"Interim draft report" is to be published mid-February for 
public comments.

Interim draft report is to be presented to NC and the constituencies.

"Final draft report" is to be published in May(two months) for public 
comments for 4 weeks public comments.

The revised Final report is going to be presented to NC and the 
Board for their recognition.

For the last, as far as I know GAC(especially EU) is very keen
to know this issue and we may have to consider what kind of
relations we want to build with them.


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