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Re: [nc-udrp] Moving Forward

J. Scott -

        Perhaps I have missed some recent emails but could you clarify where we now are and what timetable you envision for discussions, either by phone or online?



At 08:28 AM 1/13/2003 -0500, J. Scott Evans wrote:

Dear All:
I have now received the completed summaries from everyone but Ethan and Dan (they had a difficult set to conquer).  I spoke with Caroline on Thursday and she had not yet received all the completed reviews of the surveys and needed the weekend to review the materials.  I extended her deadline until COB today CST.  I hope everyone will take the time to review the article/study summaries they have received and the survey summaries when they are circulated.  It is my hope for us to begin discussions on-line by no later than Friday of this week.  I will circulate an agenda laying out the timetable for discussions.  We will take one topic at a time a move through the topics set out in the terms of reference.  I would also like to have a conference call towards the end of January.  It is my hope that we will begin drafting a draft report no later than February 10.
I hope everyone is having a safe and happy 2003.
I look forward to hearing from Caroline, Dan and Ethan in the near future.
In the meantime, I would like to welcome David Maher to our group.  David will be representing the registries in this process.  I also need to hear from Erik Wilburs.  I have attempted to contact Erik several times and have yet to catch up with him.  Erik, if you read this message, please contact me.
Thanks to everyone for their continued dedication.
J. Scott Evans

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