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[nc-udrp] Work Assignments



 1: Dinwoodie, Graeme
 the Max Planck study
Max Plank Institute Study -

2: M. Scott Donahey
Designing Non-National Systems: The Case of the Uniform Domain
Name Dispute Resolution Policy, L. Helfer and G. Dinwoodie -

3 : Michael Froomkin
An executive summary of Professor Froomkin's paper.
4 :  Ethan Katsh* and Dan Steinberg
Fair.com, Prof. Michael Geist -

Fundamentally Fair.com? An Update on Bias Allegations and the
ICANN UDRP, Prof. Michael Geist -

The UDRP by All Accounts Works Effectively - Rebuttal to Analysis and Conclusions of Professor Michael Geist in "Fair.com?" and
"Fundamentally Fair.com?", INTA Internet Committee -

A Response to INTA's Rebuttal of Fair.com (Prof. Michael Geist)
5 : Tim Cole
Patrick L. Jones article at
6 : Philip Sheppard
Rough Justice, Prof. Milton Mueller -

UDRP-A Success Story? A Rebuttal to the Analysis and Conclusions
of Professor Milton Mueller in Rough Justice, N. Branthover (INTA) -http://www.inta.org/downloads/tap_udrp_1paper2002.pdf

I think Ethan's memo speaks for itself and requires no further summarization.
*Ethan did not volunteer for this assignment.  I have volunteered him to assist Dan given the number of papers there are to review.  Ethan if my assumption that you would be willing to help out here was incorrect, I apologize in advance and I will try and get another volunteer to assist in this area.

The following people have agreed to assist with the survey results:
Caroline Chicoine
Sarah Deutsch
Tony Harris
James Carmody
J. Scott Evans

I note that there are numerous Task Force members that did not respond to my request.  While I find this very disappointing, I believe that we have the field covered and can now move forward.  That being said, anyone that would like to assist with the survey response please contact me immediately so that we can parcel out some work to you in the next few days.
In this regard, we need to set benchmarks for when this work will be completed and distributed to the entire group.  Given that the holidays are upon us, I would suggest that we make every effort to have our tasks completed no later than January 10, 2003.  Please let me know if this timeframe is acceptable.
Caroline, I would ask that you spearhead coordinating the survey response team.  I'd like to hear back from everyone designated an assignment in this message no later than Monday, December 23, 2002.
Thanks again for you help!
J. Scott Evans
PH:  (704) 375-9249
FX:  (704) 375-0729
I look forward to hearing back from each of you.

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