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Re: [nc-udrp] UDRP Task Force Resurrection


I am disappointed to hear we will not have the benefit of your input later
today.  I am sorry to hear about your wife and wish you both the best.

Do not fret too terribly.  Today's call is more to organize the tasks that
lay before us than to make any serious advances toward reaching consensus on
the substantive aspects of our job.  I hope to have further calls and
generate more on-line discussions to allow the group to flesh out the meat
of our job.

All the best.

J. Scott
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Subject: Re: [nc-udrp] UDRP Task Force Resurrection

> I regret that I'm going to have to miss today's call.  My wife was
> diagnosed with pneumonia over the weekend and I'll be driving her to a
> doctor's appointment.
> If anyone takes notes, I'd be grateful for a short summary of what's
> discussed
> For what it's worth, I think experience has revealed serious flaws in the
> *procedural* aspects of the UDRP, many of which may not be very
> controversial to fix (e.g. moving to mandatory 3-person panels, fixing
> notice problems, stopping abuse of provider's ability to write additional
> rules that conflict with UDRP, making provider's policies for selection of
> arbitrators more transparent).  I've listed many suggestions, some likely
> more controversial than others, in my paper at
> http://personal.law.miami.edu/~froomkin/articles/udrp.pdf, which I
> sumbitted to this TF some time ago.
> Although I also think the substantive part of the UDRP could stand tweaks,
> I don't think there's likely to be anything near a consensus for this.
> Again, my regrets for the last-minute, but unavoidable, absence.
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