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RE: [nc-udrp] "UDRP Review and Evaluation, Terms of Reference" document

I will prepare a revised timeline (I was waiting for the geography issue to
be addressed by the NC and the attacks on Sept 11th put me behind) and also
plan to circulate the draft of some proposed questions to get the dialog
started.  I should have this done this weekend so everyone plan to move
forward starting Monday.

Thanks for your patience.

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From: Milton Mueller [mailto:Mueller@syr.edu]
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 7:40 AM
To: nc-udrp@dnso.org; michael@palage.com
Subject: RE: [nc-udrp] "UDRP Review and Evaluation, Terms of Reference"

Our Task Force timeline is changing because of the delay in assembling
the TF membership. But the current announcement of ICANN staff is 
merely a suggestion that I personally do not think it would be wise to 

Realistically, we will not be finished by November as planned. But as an 
informal proposal let me float the idea that we attempt to get 
together and discuss discuss public comment on our survey  in Marina 
del Rey.

Perhaps Caroline can propose a revised time line.

>>> "Michael D. Palage" <michael@palage.com> 09/28/01 07:35AM >>>
Does this Task Force's time line change in light of ICANN's recent
annoucement regarding the agenda change in November to a pure "security"

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