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RE: [nc-transfer] FW: Format for reports

As a friendly reminder, here is what the Registry Agreements state about
Consensus Policies:

1. "Consensus Policies" are those specifications or policies established
based on a consensus among Internet stakeholders represented in the ICANN
process, as demonstrated by (1) action of the ICANN Board of Directors
establishing the specification or policy, (2) a recommendation, adopted by
at least a two-thirds vote of the council of the ICANN Supporting
Organization to which the matter is delegated, that the specification or
policy should be established, and (3) a written report and supporting
materials (which must include all substantive submissions to the Supporting
Organization relating to the proposal) that (i) documents the extent of
agreement and disagreement among impacted groups, (ii) documents the
outreach process used to seek to achieve adequate representation of the
views of groups that are likely to be impacted, and (iii) documents the
nature and intensity of reasoned support and opposition to the proposed
specification or policy.

I think the NC Process dictated below covers all the essential items, but I
just wanted you all to see what was required from a contractual standpoint.
I want to be sure that when our report is final, there is no argument that
the proper procedure was not followed.

Thanks.  Talk to you all in a few.

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Provided for discussion of drafting of final report.

From: http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20020418.NCprocedures-v7.0.html

14. Draft final report 

The goal of the Working Group process is to produce a Report containing
recommendations for submission to the NC.

The Report should contain the following sections:

a) Executive summary of not more than 1000 words. 

b) Terms of reference 

c) Conclusion - a clear and concise statement of the proposal discussed in
the Working Group and the conclusion reached.

d) Impact analysis - a full analysis of who might be impacted, including
other supporting organisations, and in what ways, by such a policy. 

e) Constituency impact reviews - a summary and analysis of evidence provided
by DNSO constituencies.

f) Record of outreach - a record of outreach to any segment of the Internet
community that might be affected by the proposed policy.

g) Minority reports - a fair statement of points in opposition and a
substantive analysis of their merits and the intensity of the opposition. 

h) Supporting arguments - a summary of the best arguments for adoption of
the policy.

i) Risk/Cost analysis - an analysis of the risks and costs of the proposed

15. Publication and comment period 

The interim report should be published to the General Assembly, Names
Council and Constituency secretariats for debate, comment and criticism and
the resulting feedback incorporated into a Final Report. The Working Group
shall provide such comment period as is reasonable considering the
complexity, importance, and urgency of the policy under consideration. 

16. Final report

The final report shall be submitted by the WG Chair to the Names Council
within the time frame specified in the terms of reference. 

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