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[nc-transfer] WLS/deletes: Hoarding

(I'll send a bunch of short notes on different topics which showed 
up during the calls.)

There is currently no policy which determines when registrars must 
delete a domain name from the SRS.  This leads to the effect of 
"hoarding", i.e., registrars continuing to control domain names for 
an arbitrary amount of time after their expiration date.

This effect contributes to consumer dissatisfaction, since consumers 
are not able to get such domains by regular means. (Various  

It also badly interacts with the WLS proposal as it currently  
stands: Registrars may design their deletion process in a way which  
leads to a deletion of an expired domain name considered interesting 
only in the event that a WLS subscription is placed through the  
same, original registrar.  Thus, if WLS was implemented in the way  
it is currently on the table, competition between registrars for WLS 
subscriptions would be skewed in favor of those registrars who have  
large pools of expired, but undeleted names under their control.

Thomas Roessler                          http://log.does-not-exist.org/

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