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[nc-transfer] preparing a status report to the NC

I am expecting that each of the constituencies would discuss the transfer
issue in your meetings, at least briefly, since all had representatives on
the briefing call this past week.  There is a time slot for the Transfer
issue on the NC agenda.  I do plan to make a report: See below for my
proposed approach, and give me your feedback. 

Given the lack of comments and the press of time, regarding the proposed
draft resolution from many of you, I propose to do a simple status report to
the NC; it could be put in the form of a simpler resolution/recommendation
to the NC which would primarily describe the status and recommend the
continuance of the TF, with agreement on it's primary tasks and focus, with
a time frame for conclusion.

My proposed plan (and I welcome your comments today if possible) is to
provide a simple status report, including that a briefing was held by
members of the Registrar Constituency, that a draft resolution was put
forward, but has not had sufficient discussion within the working TF, and
that since some constituencies have not yet designated a
member/representative to the TF at this time, it is therefore still
formative and  still includes, for informational purposes, all the NC
members, plus Danny Younger, therefore, I plan to ask the NC chair to
appoint someone from each of the constituencies if no one from a
constituency is named by 11/15. IF more time is needed from a specific
constituency, an exception can be made, but will allow the TF to be
confirmed in terms of membership. 

Again, I also plan to recommend to the NC that the TF be established for a
specific period (3 months or 6 months) with specific tasks, and monthly
status reports. 

I am around today, and probably more reachable via cell:  202-255-7348. I
won't be online again probably until quite late. [sorry about that], but
will do my best to both answer and return calls to the cell phone.

I know you are all busy, but am trying to get some sense from the
Constituency reps of suggested paths forward. 

Finally, I appreciate the comments which some folks have provided to date,
but urge you to focus now on what achieves an effective method to achieve
progress and resolution. 

FURTHER DISCUSSION OPPORTUNITY: Even for discussion purposes, can we plan to
meet sometime while we are all here, after 11/12?  I've heard from some that
today doesn't work, and 11/12 is very full already.  Bruce, just a reminder,
I haven't seen your posting.  Can you give me an update on when you  might
be able to conclude that posting? I think the record of the briefing is a
bit open without your planned submission.  

Best regards, Marilyn Cade

P.S. I have copied those who made presentations, or submitted comments, plus
the listserv, to ensure that I don't miss anyone who has participated in the
informational activities to date. This is not an effort to exclude anyone.
Apologies if I left someone off.  This is why we need to nail down the TF

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