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[nc-transfer] Identifying the broad policy issues

Dear Task Force members,

Having reviewed once more all the commentary on the registrars list since Ms. 
Broitman's posting on September 20, I am mindful of the fact that we could 
not be engaged in this complex work were it not for the fact that the 
registrars constituency maintains an open and publicly archived mailing list. 
 I thank them for their commitment to the ICANN Bylaws and encourage other 
constituencies to follow their example.

In the course of my review, I noted several other related issues including 
the lack of policies to govern registrar-hold, the lack of policy pertaining 
to the transfer of domain names during the 45 day auto-renew period, the lack 
of a policy requiring periodic verification of registrant contact data, etc.  

If one of our objectives under Marilyn's proposed Terms of Reference is to 
identify any broad policy issues which are the responsibility of the DNSO, 
then we need to ask ourselves just how extensive our mandate will be under 
what has been termed a "fast-track" approach.

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