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[nc-transfer] Thoughts on the conference call - Part V "Consultation with the Community"

On the issue of "Consultation with the Community"...

Verisign raised a very important point on the conference call - ensuring
that the wishes of the end-user community are honored is a critical
consideration. Two important implications fall out of this statement.

First, end-user communities are explicitly represented within ICANN, save
the individual domain name holders. Unless the task force finds that
resolution of this matter should be delayed pending the formation of the
ALSO, we must seek the voice of the individual end-user elsewhere. This can
be achieved in two ways - explicitly seeking their input via extensive
outreach and consultation. Or, via synthesis and extrapolation based on what
we already know.

My preference is the latter. While the first option would provide this task
force with an unabridged consultation, the mechanisms to do so are undefined
and the development of such are clearly beyond the scope of this task force.
The second option is preferable because the mechanism and means are very
clear and obtainable. Verisign has indicated that their customers are
clearly telling them that Verisign's existing policy on the matter is
preferable to the alternatives. This needs to be quantified. Registrars that
sit on the other side of the fence on this issue have made similar
statements about the preferences of their customers. These statements also
need to be quantified. When baselined against the input provided by the IPC,
Business Constituency, ISP Constituency and the NCDNHC - ICANN's end-users
of record - these statements will demonstrate the wishes of the marketplace
to a reasonable degree of certainty.

There is a second implication raised by Verisign's statement concerning
consumer intent. The participants in this task force would be well served to
examine the transfer denial and acknowledgement policies and processes that
are currently in place and compare them to this statement - do they honor
the wishes of the end-user? This task force must move quickly to ensure that
the wishes of the end-users are carried out with respect to the
administration of their domain names.



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