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[nc-transfer] Thoughts on the conference call - Part III "Registrar Lock"

On the issue of "Registrar Lock"...

Elana Broitman of Register.com best highlights the point that I would like
to bring up here in her comments to the Registrar Constituency on the
issue - "Some registrars have a business model of "locking down" their
customers' domain names." This is a substantial point.

It is also, perhaps, beyond the scope of our deliberations in this Task
Force, and therefore I look to the Chairman for guidance as to whether we
should explore it.

Some Registrars use the lock processes in pursuit of their own unique
business model. Others use it as a way to hamper transfers. We must ensure
that the latter tactic is frustrated while promoting the former. This is not
a difficult task as some have indicated. The objective can be achieved by
requiring that Registrars must facilitate transfers unless there are
specific objections by the registrant or foreknowledge of malfeasance or
inappropriate behavior by the Losing Registrar.

This requirement accomplishes two key goals. First, it does not limit the
scope and scale of competition at the Registrar level. Second, it provides
Registrants with a much-needed safety net. Fostering competition and
inspiring consumer confidence must be paramount in our deliberations.



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